Directed by Henry K. Norvalls

Directed by Henry K. Norvalls

Henry K. Norvalls (1986) is a director and scriptwriter living in Oslo, Norway. He has made several shorts. Among others, "Shower" has screened at numerous international festivals and got more than 600,000 views on Vimeo, and "Sweet Things," which got a lot of attention during the #metoo campaign and has been watched over 130,000 times. As a director he seeks to make films about injustice and indifference, and there is a clear social conscious in his work.

Directed by Henry K. Norvalls
  • Sweet Things

    Anne gathers herself for a job interview, a casual one at a coffee shop, but still a job interview. When her potential new employer arrives, a smooth, well-dressed man named Georg, giving off all the social cues of a first date, she’s caught off-guard and scrambles to react. Brilliantly observed ...

  • Taxfree

    A young woman arrives in Norway, does some shopping at the taxfree store, gathers her bag, waits outside for her ride. What appears to be an ordinary airport arrival slowly reveals itself as something else entirely. Director: Henry K. Norvalls. Screenwriters: Line Dalheim & Henry K. Norvalls. Cas...

  • Shower

    The third film we’ve featured from Norwegian director Henry K. Norvalls (although this one was actually released first), “Shower” is another riveting short about identity and sexuality. In it, a young man showering in a locker room hears a faint noise and decides whether or not to respond. Viscer...