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This is She

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  • This is She

    A young woman moves into a new apartment and discovers a growth on her wall that mysteriously moves. Each time it does, she covers it with cardboard or a mirror, but as soon as it's covered, it pops up elsewhere. The woman can’t define what she’s seeing, and she can’t pin it down, but it’s there,...

  • Del Arco Vacío

    A man recounts the story of a local legend as he travels to the jungle to make peace with his life. “Del Arco Vacío,” by director Micah Van Hove, is a hybrid concoction, something like a joyous eulogy delivered via impromptu walking tour of a small town in Peru. The story of Alex Carlo Delgado is...

  • Tanked

    An existential struggle to make an elaborate Halloween costume, set to 80's synth beats, carried by Eric Yevak, who exists in the frame without really acting, just goes about his work. A procedural with a simple trajectory: make a costume, go to a party. But the costume isn't some half-baked last...