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  • Koreatown

    In Los Angeles, a young man working as a doumi - a host/hostess who entertains clients in private karaoke rooms - encounters a strange request. “Koreatown,” directed by Grant Hyun, is a stylish drama full of controlled tension and striking neon visuals. The handsome Kyeong sings to patrons who ha...

  • Staycation

    Unforeseen circumstances have brought a man to New York City alone. A trip that was meant for him and his girlfriend — they were to see a show — is now just him. And there’s something off about his Airbnb. Written & directed by Zach Fleming. Starring Rob Malone, Joanna Arnow, Sam Stillman.

  • We'll Be Happy Over There

    A supernatural shard of a film concerning a troubled young woman at a lake house. Directed by Zach Fleming.