Dad & Step-Dad

Dad & Step-Dad

"Dad & Step-Dad" is a slow-burn, character-driven comedy that follows Jim and Dave on a weekend together at a cabin upstate to bond with their 13-year-old son, Branson. Tensions mount however as differing parenting techniques come to the fore. A symphony of passive aggressive quibbles delivered in hushed tones, furtive glances, and tense silence, the film plays like Frederick Wiseman directing an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Listed in Esquire as one of the "41 Most Anticipated Films of 2023," Dad & Step-Dad was shot in 4 days with a production budget of only $18,000 and is entirely improvised, based off of a robust outline and several rehearsals. 

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Dad & Step-Dad
  • Dad & Step-Dad

    Jim and Dave, a dad and a step-dad, have trouble bonding with their son during a 3-day weekend upstate. Tynan DeLong directs “Dad & Step-Dad,” a rolling deadpan comedy feature that’s lighthearted and strangely moving about the odd relationship between two dads and one son. Arriving at a peaceful ...


  • Trailer | Dad & Step-Dad (2023)

    Dad & Step-Dad is a slow-burn, character-driven family comedy that follows Jim (Dad), Dave (Step-Dad) and Suzie (Mom), three lost souls who spend the weekend together at a cabin upstate in an effort to bond for the sake of their 13-year-old son, Branson. Tensions mount however as differing parent...

  • Dad & Step-Dad (2018)

    The dad and step-dad of Branson, a 13 year old boy who loves Skippy peanut butter, try their best to connect during a visitation exchange. Directed by Tynan DeLong (our unofficial ‘18 resident filmmaker, prolific output here), “Dad & Step-Dad,” merges the mundane and absurd, call it cinéma vérité...