Directed by Andrew DeYoung

Directed by Andrew DeYoung

In 2014, a filmmaker named Andrew DeYoung came to our attention and quickly became one of our favorites. His film, “Santa Monica,” starring Kate Berlant and John Early took home “Best Short Film” at our 2nd Annual Awards and remains an odd classic in the NoBudge annals. With other gems like “Ohio,” “Dinner Party," and "Rachel," along with the Vimeo original series, “555,” he has built up an impressive body of work, a distinctive mix of high and low concept comedies. In a just few years, he’s gone from making DIY videos to directing network TV shows, like "Shrill," and "Pen15."

Directed by Andrew DeYoung
  • Rachel

    An awkward guest shows up to a party and makes things weird for everyone. Written by Kate Berlant, Andrew DeYoung and John Early, “Rachel” is a hilariously creepy portrait of a strange evening in the lives of a group of L.A. creatives. Early stars as the man throwing a party for his boyfriend, Go...

  • Dinner Party

    A dinner party with friends turns into a two-way battle of ego and one-upmanship. Directed by Andrew DeYoung. Starring John Early and Kate Berlant.

  • Santa Monica

    I'm currently in the middle of an obsessed phase with Kate Berlant & John Early, two of the funniest/smartest young performers around. This brilliant collaboration, "Santa Monica," written by the two & directed by another new NB favorite Andrew DeYoung, finds Early & Berlant playing characters wi...

  • Ohio

    A young woman visits the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles alone where she tries to make friends with complete strangers. Directed by Andrew DeYoung.