Directed by Anu Valia

Directed by Anu Valia

Anu Valia is a writer, director, and sometimes actor. Her short film, "Lucia, Before and After," won the Jury Prize for US Fiction at Sundance Film Festival. Lucia has screened at over 30 festivals around the world including South by Southwest, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, and Seattle International Film Festival. As a television director, she's worked on numerous shows including "The Other Two" (Comedy Central),"Nora from Queens" starring Awkwafina (Comedy Central), and others.

Directed by Anu Valia
  • Lucia, Before And After

    After traveling hundreds of miles, a woman must wait another twenty-four hours before she can get an abortion. Winner of the 2017 Sundance Short Film Jury Award. Directed by Anu Valia. Starring Sarah Goldberg.

  • Drifters

    Somewhere in America, right this instant, a roomful of young women are waiting to audition for the role of a lifetime. In her headspacey short film, Anu Valia plucks her heroine Clara out of this room and momentarily holds her up to the light, before gently nudging her back into the anonymous str...

  • Blue, Blue

    A dance trip through anger starring Sunita Mani moving through an abandoned building dressed starkly in a white tank top and tights against industrial brick. Directed by Anu Valia, “Blue, Blue” is an experimental dance film with wonderfully expressive choreography and moments of sly humor. It's a...

  • Troll

    In her new short about an online troll, director Anu Valia presents an unsettling view of internet connectedness. The callous young woman in the titular role, known virtually as SushiHat, is bored with life if not constantly judging others on social media. Her cruel comments (“nice gunt”) or ince...