Directed by Corey Hughes

Directed by Corey Hughes

Corey Hughes (b. 1992) is a Baltimore based director and cinematographer floating between narrative, documentary, and experimental tendencies. His work has premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam, SXSW, New York Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, and Locarno Film Festival, where he was awarded the Pardi di Domani Special Jury Prize for the short film Armageddon 2. As a cinematographer, his credits include Theo Anthony’s Subject to Review (NYFF '19, ESPN+) & All Light, Everywhere (Sundance '21), as well as Marnie Ellen Hertzler’s Hi, I Need to Be Loved, Dirt Daughter, & Crestone (True/False & SXSW '20).

Directed by Corey Hughes
  • Ouchiemongo

    A slapstick comedy in super slow motion. An unnamed tourist with a leg injury searches for physical and spiritual healing on a week long Carnival cruise vacation from Baltimore to the Bahamas. Floating between narrative, documentary, and experimental tendencies the film creates an atmosphere simi...

  • Caesars Palace

    A middle aged woman travels to Caesars Palace on a business trip following the unexpected death of her husband. Her disembodied voice floats between an increasingly messy hotel room and the crowded Las Vegas strip. | Directed by Corey Hughes.

  • Armageddon 2

    The internet in Cuba is very slow. Movies, television, and information are exchanged through a black market system known as “el paquete semanal.” In “Armageddon 2,” director Corey Hughes combines documentary, experimental and narrative elements as he follows one young man involved in the makeshif...

  • My Expanded View

    A YouTube Yoga tutorial. A collapsed body. “My Expanded View,” the latest experimental oddity from NoBudge favorite Corey Hughes presents a peaceful instructional video that derails into a meta deconstruction on digital realms and cultural trends. | Directed by Corey Hughes.

  • MyToeShoes.Com

    A Florida man records an unboxing video for his YouTube channel. Directed by Corey Hughes.