Directed by Marnie Ellen Hertzler

Directed by Marnie Ellen Hertzler

Marnie Ellen Hertzler is a filmmaker living and working in Baltimore, MD. Her films often explore a multi-media approach to film presentation and distribution and has utilized live performance and installation to accompany her work. Her films have screened at Locarno Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, MoMA, SXSW, True/False, Boiler Room, and The Criterion Channel. In 2018 Marnie was named one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film. Influenced by her background in both psychology and fine arts, she creates films that act as cinematic platforms for the exploration of interpersonal relationships, the technology that defines us, and the inevitable end of it all.

Directed by Marnie Ellen Hertzler
  • Dirt Daughter

    A lonely security guard in an empty building dreams of finding a companion on Directed by Marnie Ellen Hertzler.

  • Hi I Need To Be Loved

    'I am going to have you read from a collection of my spam emails,' The director explains as she ushers actors from Craigslist one-by-one into an audition room. The actors and the director together attempt to breathe life into lifeless, manipulative, malicious, and nonsensical email dialogue in an...

  • Growing Girl

    Utilizing unconventional animation platforms and stock photo characters, "Growing Girl" is a PowerPoint presentation about snakes that explores the form and setting of office culture, the reclamation of an empowered female identity, and a remedy for the internalization of an all-too-common social...