Directed by Pepi Ginsberg

Directed by Pepi Ginsberg

Pepi Ginsberg is a filmmaker and musician. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with an honors degree in writing, she became a professional recording artist, releasing five albums, which received acclaim from such media outlets as NPR, KCRW, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and many more, as well as touring widely. After stepping away from the stage, Ginsberg turned her focus to writing and directing and is currently an MFA candidate in film production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Pepi has directed four shorts while at NYU, including Bad Candy, which was recently awarded first prize at NYU’s Wasserman Awards. Her film Swallow Grass Snakes has screened at festivals nationally. She also directs commercials and music videos. She is represented by Ground Work, UK/USA.

Directed by Pepi Ginsberg
  • End Zoom

    Another day, another university writing workshop on Zoom. When a frustrated student gets some unwanted feedback from his classmates, he decides to give a little feedback of his own. | Directed by Pepi Ginsberg. Cast: Amir Mosallaie, Melanie Akoka, Cary J Mason, John Miller, Joseph Longo, Clara Du...

  • Alba and June

    Alba arrives to a weekend getaway flustered after her fiancé bails on the trip last minute. Pepi Ginsberg directs “Alba and June,” a relationship drama turned love triangle that finds two cousins spending time with their friend Danny. | Director: Pepi Ginsberg. Writers: Pepi Ginsberg, Claire Luci...

  • Swallow Grass Snakes

    The star of a viral sex video comes into contact with an over-eager fan at a empty movie theater. Pepi Ginsberg directs “Swallow Grass Snakes,” a dark drama about the perils of online fame and an unpredictable intrusion into a young woman’s private life. On a quiet winter evening, Devin takes her...

  • Bad Candy

    Candice, a seasoned grifter, skates on the edge of ruin, maneuvering her way through a series of near hits and near misses as she compromises everything but her own code. | Directed by Pepi Ginsberg. Starring Constance Shulman.