Directed by Joey Izzo

Directed by Joey Izzo

JOEY IZZO is an award winning writer/director whose work has screened at festivals worldwide, including Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and San Francisco International Film Festival. His latest short film, I WAS THERE TOO premiered at Aspen Shorts Fest and highlighted a sold-out retrospective of Izzo’s work at the American Cinematheque, Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. His short MY DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND (a NoBudge premiere) has garnered over 6-million views on YouTube. His previous short film, STEPSISTER, was the first film from San Francisco to be included in Cannes’ Cinéfondation Official Selection. Joey’s dry-humored narrative style developed after years in the experimental film world. Highlighting this period, BARE ROOM was made in collaboration with esteemed New York composer and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient John Zorn.

Directed by Joey Izzo
  • You've Never Been Completely Honest

    A harrowing account of a leadership seminar gone rogue in 1970’s California. In “You've Never Been Completely Honest,” a hybrid-documentary directed by Joey Izzo, a mixture of animation and reenactment footage brings to life a brutal audio interview. In 1972, a man named Gene recounts his experie...

  • My Daughter's Boyfriend

    A titillating California drama with splashes of unexpected humor. Or maybe it’s the other way around. The gist: a divorced mother attempts to break up her daughter’s relationship. Maybe it’s to protect her... or maybe it’s out of jealousy. The handsome, smooth-talking boyfriend named Whit seems t...

  • Stepsister

    Fearing her own displacement, Anna torments her stepbrother's new fiancee.

    Directed by Joey Izzo. Starring Anna Seregina, Beth Lisick, and Brent Weinbach.

  • I Was There Too

    Mass shootings happen so often in our country that it's become routine. For the most part we make no attempt to remedy the problem, but at least we shower the victims and their families with sympathy and prayers. It's from this recognition that a divorced father and social outcast attempts to rec...

  • Cafe Tangerine

    It’s no secret that if you scratch an open-mic comedian, a Beckettian epic of beaten, wretched perseverance is bound to fall out (see: Muck, which we featured on this site last year, or Richard Pryor’s autobiopic Jo Jo Dancer Your Life is Calling, or whatever Louis C.K. is cooking up as I write t...