Directed by Luke Strickler

Directed by Luke Strickler

Luke Strickler is a writer, digital artist, and filmmaker based in L.A. His video work has been featured on AV Club, Vox, and NoBudge. He's made digital art for Paramount, Please Don't Destroy, and Brandon Wardell.

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Directed by Luke Strickler
  • I Decided To Fight With My Wife Over Salmon

    A frustrated husband spirals during his pre-planned fight with his wife at Ruby Tuesdays. Luke Strickler directs “I Decided To Fight With My Wife Over Salmon,” a constantly morphing digital art collage about love, hate, and death. The misogynistic man sees fine dining as the perfect opportunity t...

  • Music For Plants

    A colorful compendium pairing musical genres with varieties of flowers. Luke Strickler directs and animates “Music for Plants,” which visualizes a series of melodic mash ups — “Sunflower Ska,” “Punk Petunias,” “Dandelion Dubstep,” et al. Morphing seamlessly between styles and tones, each chapter ...

  • Scenes From The City

    Though the big city may appear to be endless concrete and steel, it is teeming with hidden life underneath. So proposes the new film by Luke Strickler, “Scenes From the City,” an absurdist 3D animation that illustrates the behavior and thoughts of a series of sentient buildings, stop signs, and t...

  • 2064: Cloud 9.2

    The sequel to Luke Strickler's "2064" imagines a future where our dying brains are uploaded to an online infinity full of big horses, hot gods, and french Pikachus. “2064: Cloud 9.2,” uses a cheap print-out aesthetic to continue exploring an absurd future with mind-expanding projections. In“2064,...

  • 2064

    In the future, a data limit is reached causing the internet to spill out into the real world. Luke Strickler directs and animates “2064,” an absurdist art video using stock 3D models of common American products and brands to paint a ridiculous future. A giant floating Mario becomes the Earth’s ne...

  • Meet the Director: Luke Strickler ("Scenes From The City")

    Luke Strickler is a writer and digital artist from Chambersburg, PA. He now lives in Los Angeles. His work has been featured on The AV Club, Vox, HuffPost, Mashable, NoBudge, Vulture and College Humor.